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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I Can’t Say What I Want To...

   By PhilKll at 12:43 AM

We live in the age of great communicative powers, telephones link us directly and with the advent of the cell, directly from almost anywhere. Email and the web sends bits of information faster than the events unfold, what used to be tomorrow morning, is the time it takes to click send and receive, or type the name of your favorite website. What used to be the evening news, where we sit complacent and watch with apathy growing by the day, has become a news cycle that is a multi threaded assault on our sensory receptors.
Sounds like communication and the essence of freedom of speech is working on all cylinders thanks to the information age.

But are we really communicating? Today I was listening to the radio and lo and behold, I hear a world renown “truth” teller shoving his formerly fat little foot in my mouth as if this is what I would say. For minutes it went on until I hit the cd button on my radio and whisked him away. But it got me thinking, I mentioned how they use the sum of one, to speak for the whole, but what about when people are just blatantly sticking words in your mouth, or even worse, interpreting your words for their “real” meaning. Last time I checked when I had something to say I said it, I didn’t leave it up to a person with an opposing view point of the situation to tell the people what I really mean. But, sitting there at break, puffing away on a cigarette, what choice do I have? I do not have that kind of access to the masses, so there I sat, an Army of One, knowing what I had to say on the situation, and this jack hole mic whore telling 20 million people what he thought I was thinking.

Flashing in front of me were all these ideas, and out popped this one, perhaps communication had died, like a Picasso going for millions post mortem, information is at a premium, but the art of communication checked out long ago, lost in a TV remote function button. So use to a one way tract of thinking society just forgot, taking everything how they’re told it, and need not know the source, for they have a bobbing head to spew forth what they want to hear. Freedom of Speech suicide thanks to people only wanting what they want, unfortunately it’s not reality or truth they seek, perception is good enough for them, which is a post in and of itself, the fictioning of society. Thru selective dispersal of ideas, and turning a blind eye to the contradictions of your beliefs.

And the really shitty part... in the time it took me to write this, that guy makes what I made in the last two years combined... what’s wrong with this picture?


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