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Thursday, January 13, 2005

the paris incident

   By BluPheonix at 2:48 AM

now i know most of you reading this think paris hilton is as much of a whore as i do. well he's the proof!!! a clip from the infamous "sex tape" with captions...=)
after seeing the ad for the southpark paris H episode, which i now know to be called the WHORE OFF, i went looking for sites where i could voice my hate for this dirty, dirty girl. so, he's the gem that i found
warning, contains simulated sex acts, and badly acted porn moaning A LA, paris hilton, take note that the hotel room looks like a motel 6 , nothing fancy, i mean she may be a hilton, but does the hilton chain want her sleeping on their beds, stinking them up with the nausiating stench eminating from her rancid twat.? I think not!!
*hehe i made a rhyme=) *

Now, does the fact that paris is now infamous for being in a porn, then SELLING IT, does that not make her a porn star.....????!!!i mean , what else has she done, she can't sing, she can't act her way out of a wet paper bag. These young kids, LOOK UP TO A PORNSTAR?!?!?!?! PARENTS: HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES!!!! the only diff between paris and a whore, is that a whore is a more convincing MOANER!!!
anyway, hope you all enjoy , cuz it's 2:50 am in the big city and i'm laughing my ass off....



Blogger ... said...

well, if anything...thanks for showing a pitiful porn of yet another overrated "star." somehow, *i* get off knowing that those rich fucks don't know how to...well, fuck, and that i can do it 20 times better. HA!

3:14 AM  

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