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Sunday, December 19, 2004

My Take on the November 2nd Election

   By Majority Reporters at 11:20 AM

I was intending to write this article on November 3rd, but circumstances in my life have given me less
time to contribute to the channel blog than I have in the past. Let me first list various statements I
have heard since the election:

1. Bush has gotten a mandate
2. Bush won by sticking to his guns
3. Bush did not win because there was widespread cheating in, for example, Ohio
4. The Democratic Party must remake itself since Bush won and the Democrats lost seats

I will now address those statements, in turn:

1. According to most of the press reports, Bush won by 51%. Winning by 51% is not a mandate, it is
BARELY WINNING. If someone got less than that, say 50% it is called a TIE. Someone had to be declared
the winner. In this case, most publications have called Bush the winner. If he did win, he barely won.

2. In the history of the U.S., no president in power during a major conflict has EVER LOST REELECTION.
This means that short of Bush walking into congress, pulling out an AK-47 and shooting everyone in the
room, it is extremely likely that he would have won reelection. This is what the GOP was counting on.
This is one of the reasons that the Bush Administration took us to war against Iraq in the first place.
He takes us to war, and automatically a majority of Americans think "You gotta back the president
during a war". Instant win. The only people that have to pay the price are the U.S. Soldiers, the Iraqi
Citizens, and the citizens of the world.

Furthermore, for a wartime president to only win by 51% says that an incredible amount of people thinks
he SUCKS, since no wartime president has ever won reelection by less than that. This means the US
thinks he is the bottom of the barrel.

3. I took a class in statistics at the U of AZ in the spring of 2002. I studied my ass off and got an A
in the class. I have always understood statistics well. The reports I have read out of Ohio are highly
disturbing. Statistically, the odds that there was planned widespread cheating in Ohio are extremely
high. Sure, there is a chance there was no cheating, but then there is a chance I will win the Powerball
Lottery too.

4. The Democratic Party does need to change, but not because of the last election. For a wartime
president in power after the 9/11 attack to spend as much money and lie as much as the Bush
administration has to only get 51% of the votes shows the the Democratic Party did battle very hard.
Also, an awful lot of people gave an awful lot of money to the Democratic party to try and combat the
Republican party. This means that a lot of citizens believed in the democratic party.

However, the Democratic party has some fundamental flaws. First, it goes basically goes into a coma
after a presidential election, whereas the Republican party keeps on chugging every day of every year.
This gives the Republicans chances to win people over when the Democrats are asleep. In addition to
this, the Republicans seem to understand just how important it is to nurture its base. While Karl Rove
dumped tons of money trying to convince average Americans that Bush was Jesus and Kerry was Satan, he
also made sure that the right words were being fed to the party faithful and developed a huge machine
to pump them up and get them to the ballot box.

So, what should be the future of the Democratic Party? In my opinion, the core of the Democratic Party
should be built around one word: TRUTH. Why is the word truth so important, and why should it be the
core of the Democratic Party? Because our nation is filled with people of differing opinions, and if we
strive for truth, both striving to learn the truth and then to disseminate the truth out to others, it
will become clear as time passes which ideas work and which ones do not, which ideas are based on lies
and which ideas are based on evidence. As we tell the truth, Americans learn whether it is important to
feed the poor, or give tax cuts to the rich, if outlawing abortion brings us closer to God, or just
causes many women to end up dead in some back room.

Just as many Americans turn to The New York Times
to give them answers when they believe that newspaper is telling them the truth, many Americans turn
away from that same paper when they think they are being handed propaganda and lies.

Our party should strive to be the party of record. We should fight for the truth and expose lies
wherever they occur. We should bring to light not just the stories of the big and mighty, but the small
and easily forgotten. We should be the party for all Americans, regardless of race, color, creed,
national origin, and sexual inclination. We should strive to support those who investigate, and we
should strive to build the various networks that give these incites to the world.

It is through looking at the world and speaking bravely about it that we will make gains that greatly
exceed all of our losses. It is when we speak for shorter times and less often, that the lies
overshadow the truth. Speak your mind, while you still can.

Thanks for Reading,

Steve :)


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