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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

welcome to the Christian Republic of America

   By BluPheonix at 4:50 PM

This story proves that America is headed towards a totalitarian christian state

it is truly a sad day in America.


Blogger Chad said...

Oh! Shocker! Right-wing christians are trying to force their world view onto everyone else! These people want to burn the constitution and replace it with the bible. They'll ban science because it doesn't confirm the preconceived notions of the bible. They want to eliminate the three branches of government and create a new inquisition that will decide what is right for Americans according to their "good book." They're always complaining about how the "evil liberals" are persecuting them. Yeah, Christians, a real persecuted group. They run this country, they shove their fundamentalist crap down our throats and when we resist they say we're persecuting them. Let them pull that shit of not giving out the pill in in Jesusland. Here in the United States of Canada, we don't believe "The bible says it so we're right, you're wrong, no matter what!"

12:42 PM  
Blogger BluPheonix said...

Actually it would be "the united provinces of Canada" =P

3:11 PM  

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