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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pre-election polls

   By BluPheonix at 6:48 PM

As the majority of you head to the polls today, to pick your next president, and the next leader of the free world as it is. I would like to bring up the subject of pre-election polls. Polls are meaningless. Most of us by now have come to that conclusion. And that fact dosen't change no matter what country you go to. I will use the last canadian election as an example. All the polls had the consirvative party leading, the news casters and pundits alike were saying "it looks like canada is going consirvative". And what happened? Thats right, the liberals won the day!! And so shall it be for the democrats. Well, it's only minutes till the results start comming in, so i will wish John Kerry good luck, god speed. You carry with you the hope of millions. The world is with you, your counrty is with you, and i'm with you.


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