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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Maybe a funeral is in order?

   By BluPheonix at 11:38 PM

Now I know what your goes pheonix on one of his "off with their heads" rants. Well no such luck, not this time anyways. I have an idea, that might make us all feel better. We can organize an "international day of mourning". We can take cardboard constitutions, drape them in flags, and little tombstones saying "The great American experiment 1776-2004 May she R.I.P"
the day the world changed forever. We can all wear black, and we can take enuff time to get it all in place for bush's inaguration........WHAT SAY YOU!!!??? Will you join me in a day of mourning and rememberance???? Someone said in the last few days, that the current situation in america are the same conditions that created the great movements of the 60's and 70's. When people really cared, times were changing, and a progressive youth movement helped to change the world. It's your time now, If not my idea*altho it would be so kewl to see people in britan mourning with us on t.v*then come up with your own ideas, make it meaningful. Have fun with it....just watch some re-runs of michael moores t.v show....t.v nation. or The Awful Truth...but don't be ripping off his ideas!! Lets all get behind somthing and make it work , hell if your parents could do it, you must be able to right?? It's the democratic way!!


Blogger Chad said...

I'm afraid to say that after this defeat, the progressive movements will loose some steam. The institutions that we created like Media Matters, and Center for American Progress and others will go on and become stronger, but I think the internal motivation of individuals will be hurt. But fret not, 2006 is just around the corner and we'll fight even harder and win! Bush may have four more years to further destroy America, but we've got four more years to keep fighting to rebuild it and make it stronger through progressive politics.

2:29 AM  

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