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Monday, November 01, 2004

less than 16 hours to go

   By BluPheonix at 2:15 PM

With less than 16 hours to go till our friends to the south go to the polls to pick the next president of the united states. As the republicans and the feds will be challenging votes and blocking voters, I would like to offer up some words of encouragement to those who have lost hope. "Help is on the way"! There is no rational way that bush can win. Look the fundies only represent like 30% of the country, and the world is looking closley for any signs of voter disinfranchizement. Vote with confidence this year friends and do all you can to help turn out the vote. Know your polling stations, and mabey have an alternate route planned. After the mud clears from the LANDSLIDE kerry victory, the world is left with an innept, sadistic, fachist as the prez for 2 months. This could be very dangerous. Stay alert, stay tuned to #AAR for up to the minute election results as they come in as well as the best political chat on the internets, and for god sakes VOTE!!!


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