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Friday, November 12, 2004

Fred Phelps: the man, the myth, the guy is INSANE!

   By BluPheonix at 2:37 AM

I was cruising the net last night on christian fundies, cuz you know how i love to mess with them. And I ran accross the story of a man named Fred Phelps. Now for those of you who do not know of the Revrend Phelps. This is the man in Kansas, that likes to go to the funerals of gay folks and picket them, and shout at them that the deceased is now "burning in hell for 100,000 years". Rev phelps not only is a relegious zelot, he is also a lawyer, and loved to tie the courts up with useless litigation. He has a virtual army of lawyers surrounding him, mostly his kids, who at the drop of a hat, will sue your ass for slander , defimation, and lible. The things that come out of this guys mouth are laughable at best, and pure evil at the worst. This man is a VERY DISTURBED individual. His hobbys include, preaching hate, picketing gay funerals, beating his wife and kids, and generaly making an ass of himself. I urge you all to check out this story on Phelps by reporter Jon Michael Bell, done in 1994. It was quashed by Phelps's army of lawyer family members, but a few copys managed to get out and what the book contains is a shocking exposEH, of a hate filled violent possibly quite insane individual, and his wako like curch. If you want to stare the devil in the face and see true evil go to
you are sure to be as sickened by these people as i am. Also of note, is the Revrends web page, google it, click on send an email, and read the disclaimer that pops up.......You'll laugh yourself silly. These are the kind of people we are dealing with, and I would love to see these people shut down for good. Hate and intolerence have no place in our society, you want to live like that, move to the middle east. !!!-BP


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