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Thursday, November 11, 2004

The end of an era

   By BluPheonix at 4:20 AM

Well friends, it's offical. Yasser Arafat died in paris today at 9:03 pm. Arafat, the leader of the Palastian Liberation Organazation, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, and was a key player in the quest for peace, in the middle east. His quest, now carries on without him. Yasser Arafat 1929-2004 "May you find the peace in death, that you could not find in life"-BluPheonix.


Blogger Chad said...

In the past, Arafat was a leader who was really committed to Palestinian liberation. He fought with Lebanese guerillas to drive Israel from its occupation in Lebanon. But he succumbed to power and forgot the interests of his people. He capitulated to Israel and the U.S. in the agreements his organization signed in the early 1990s stabbing his people in the back. The Oslo agreement was basically the equivalent of the law in South Africa in 1959 granting "independence" to the Bantu peoples. Tanya Reinhart, writing in Ha'aretz Magazine (5/27/94), has argued the Gaza and Jericho agreements "resemble the beginning of Apartheid rather than its end." In the Bantustans, " foreign affairs, security, natural resources and mines were carefully kept in the hands" of its creator who "were separated [the Bantustans] politically from South Africa, which controlled the entry of Bantustan residents into its territory" and "a permit was necessary to pass between any of these territories." The agreements leave "substantial parts of the Gaza strip in Israel's hands" like the "Yellow Territories" which "include most of the land that is still available for construction and agriculture in the terribly over populated Gaza Strip." This is a plan for Palestinian enslavement. Israel will control the land and it's resources and the Palestinians will forever be dependent on Israel. What do you think the American colonists should have done if they were confronted with a comparable situation? Continue fighting? Or give up and enter into an agreement that legalizes the tyranny of King George? The P.L.O. is a corrupt organization that is super-rich and doesn't care about its people, just perpetuating its own existence. The Palestinian people deserve a revolutionary organization that is controlled from the bottom up and really represents the concerns and interests of masses. Not the "shrinking clique around Yasir Arafat..."(Andoni, Middle East International, 8/20/93)

2:12 PM  
Blogger BluPheonix said...

You have a point chad, still Arafat was more committed to peace than sharon. And that is my point. Also, I am hearing today alot of mocking of Arafat, and that is unacceptable. True Arafat slipped into the rut that most leaders fall into, that rut being holding onto power at all costs. Mr Arafat was not perfect, he was human, and as a human he made mistakes. We all do, and if you don't make mistakes you must be George W Bush.....The thing is , nothing will change now that Arafat has died. Nothing, and as long as Sharon and his Likud party are in power, and The U.S, supports them, there will be no peace. At least Arafat made an effort.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Emelius Browne said...

Arafat committed to peace? That is a good one. Time and time again Arafat had a chance to bring peace to his people. Peace was put in Arafat’s hands under Clinton and he blew it in the 11th hour by getting greedy and backing off the original agreement. At one point Arafat walked away from peace talks due to the inability to set up a fact finding mission on past aggression between the two states. Then the peace process was totally walked away from by Israel because Arafat’s inability to control Hezbollah and their kidnapping and killing. Then in 2003 he refused to condemn suicide bombers that were blowing up innocent people in Israel. For as many years as Arafat ruled in Palestine, he continued to fail his people by delivering peace. It was under Arafat's rule that we had the PLO bombings that were so prominent in the 70's and 80's. If you look at the long history of this supposed peace that Arafat tried so hard to bring, it is riddled with nothing but failure to be a leader for his people or a neighbor that anyone would wish to live next to. Israel has been no saint either, but let us not elevate Arafat any higher than he actually was just because he is dead. He was a thug and bad one at that.

As to people mocking Arafat's passing, there is little more to be expected. In a country that fails to recognize the atrocities of Israel. We live in a country that not only wants to see Israel kept out of the hands of Arabs, but is willing to arm a terrorist country to do so. The American people are so brain washed that they are unable to see that both countries have taken radical and uncivilized approaches to resolve their problems.

4:16 PM  
Blogger BluPheonix said...

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1:19 AM  
Blogger Chad said...

Those ACJ ads are so fucking annoying. When I hear them, I feel like turning the volume down but I turn the volume up because it just pisses me off everytime I hear it. The guy is so pompous and arrogant, and it is filled with lies. Poor ol' Israel just wants peace but the evil arabs don't. Peace is only achieved when the arabs "are ready." Please. If you played those ads in Israel six million Israelis would die laughing. It's such vial propaganda. Hopefully, people listening won't fall for it. The Jewish groups like ACJ, WCJ, AIPAC and others have such a strangle hold on the mainstream debate on all things Israel. Whenever someone even slightly breaks out of convention, these groups cry and moan "anti-Israel pro-Palestinian bias!" Boo hoo. Po' Israel.

1:52 AM  
Blogger BluPheonix said...

Ok, Arafat was no saint. But what would do in the face of an
overwhelming israeli army supported by the U.S. Would you not fight to
the end.I would not use suicide bombers, but i would pound the crap
out of my oppressors, any way I could...altho i don't think he did
much fighting...?!...The point here is, i hope Mr Arafat will find
peace where ever his soul now resides.And also whats with all the pro
israel/AJC commercials on AAR latley? it's kind of sick considering
palastine is a pile of rubble because of the israelies with help from
their best friends the americans. This fighting has GOT to stop, but i
don't see it stopping anytime in the near future. sharon is still in
power, and there is much blood on his hands. I'm really annoyed at the
unwavering support of israel they are just as bad as the palastians,
but no one ever points it out........true, the holoucaust was bad,
real bad, but it dosen't give jews a free pass to do half the things
we give them a pass on.

1:56 AM  
Blogger Emelius Browne said...

Another interesting tid bit is that I caught part of Scarborough Country tonight and in his opening comments he spoke about comments that President Jimmy Carter had made in praising Arafat at one point. He then went on to blame ‘liberal elitists’ for calling for war crimes against Bush and then kissing and loving the terrorist Palestinians. This is the mentality of these people. If we are not for one, then we have to be for the other. Hey, here is some news for you Scaboyfair, I can’t speak for everyone, but both Israel and Palestine can go to hell as far as I am concerned. And you can go ahead and keep lying to yourself and back your land grab effort and may god meet you in hell and kick you square in the nuts. We don’t need ass chunks like you telling us how we feel. Maybe if you would quit killing secretaries long enough to actually speak to a real world liberal long enough, you might get it in your head that our morals go across the board for all nations, and not just the rich ones with all the good stuff.

2:06 AM  

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