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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Neo-Con Cult of Strauss

   By Calico Cat at 10:34 AM

"The neoconservative ascension" reads the headline of a story on how the neo-cons are a cult --

The article asks: "With elections approaching, the question for voters is whether to sign up these same people [the neo-cons] for four more years.

And continues:

Tracing the rise of neoconservatism is a challenge because it is so new to power. Much is known about the movement as a cult, and now a new Yale University book helps complete the picture by tracing the transition from cult to political force under Bush.

The book is "Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire," by Anne Norton. Norton, who teaches at Penn, traces the movement's origins to Leo Strauss, a German Jew who came to America as a refugee in 1938.

According to Norton, Strauss' theories of politics, which he taught at the University of Chicago, inspired a generation of students and teachers across the nation. Some of them went on to become government officials, like Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq war, and Abram Shulsky at the Pentagon; and Leon Kass, chairman of Bush's Council on Bioethics.

So, who was Strauss? Fascist Godfather of the Neo-Con Cultists?


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