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Friday, October 08, 2004

Bush Wired?

   By Calico Cat at 5:50 PM

Was he? I wonder? What do you think?

I notice a bulge in the middle of his back and two lines perhaps from straps running up from the device (bulge) and over each shoulder.

Question: Why use such a large device when the market is full of things that are smaller and very powerful? I suspect that it was used (if it was) because it was some military device and not something that civilians can purchase off the shelf.

There are devices that work with a wire around the neck, hidden under clothing which sends the signal to an in-ear receiver which uses an air-activated battery, so no "earwig" like you see on newscasts.

I also wonder if it might have been an audio player of some kind with some pre-recorded information. With a small keypad, it could be setup to give information at the press of a button... For Foreign Policy, Press One; For Domestic, Press Two; Economy, Press Three... The audio player seems less likely, again, why on the back?There is something there under his jacket, so it appears. The only other thing it might be is some kind of heart monitor, perhaps? Which begs the question, does the President have a heart condition?

Why did Bush say, "let me finish," when no one was interrupting him? Why did he beg for more time at another point, then freeze? Was he listening to a prompt? He sounded like he wanted to come back with a quick rejoinder, but then froze, it was very odd.

It might be some kind of Presidential "On-Star" like device? Something to cover his dorsal fin?

What were the rules in the 35 page Contract they signed regarding these type of devices? The Evil Calico wants to know.


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